Microtunnelling System AVND2000AB + ext Kit DN2400

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Microtunnelling System AVND2000AB + ext Kit DN2400 -

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We offer a complete microtunnelling system AVND2000AB + ext Kit OD3025 for 700 m tunnel length. This is a one of opportunity as the equipment is in an extreme well maintained condition.

The system did approx. 3 KM of work and effectively the main components still look like new. Logically there is the normal wear and tear of using such systems and we will supply the package after full service and exchange parts where needed (mainly in the slurry circuit).

Hydraulic cylinders all will be serviced as well to assure the well-functioning.

Such system will be supplied with a guaranty of 6 months and after sales support is guaranteed. The equipment can be made available on short term notice.

In case the drive length is longer or shorter we can adjust the quantity of service lines and other ancillaries to suite the drive length.


MicrotunnelingTunnelling Machine AVND2000AB- DN2400
Machine AVND2000AB OD2525 mm extended to OD3020 mm
Machine can with power pack 2515 mm extended to OD3015 mm
Air lock can OD2510 mm extended to OD3010 mm
Mixed ground cutting wheel DN2400 OD3060 mm without tools
Set of launch cables for the microtunnelling machine AVND2000AB
Tailksin ring and lubrication ring
Control Container - C40
Shaft Tableau for 6 hydraulic cylinders
Cylinder stroke measuring system

Slurry management
Feed pump P1.1 Warmann 150PF PCH 132KW/400V
Discharge pumpsWarmann 6/6EEG (2 x 132KW/960V and 1 x 132KW/400V)
Slurry system DN200 surface to shaft plus 2 pneumatic gate valves DN200
Slurry separation plant ITE type TSP400-2

Bentonite lubrication system
Automatic lubrication system ( integrated in Control container)
Bentonite injection stations automatic with 3 outlet ports
Bentonite Pressure sensor and flow meter
Bentonit lubrication plants Häny IC1100
Bentonite lubrication pipe DN70 L=6m with Victaulic coupling for machine
Bentonite lubrication pipe DN70 L=6m with Victaulic coupling with outlets to autolubrication station for tunnel

Guidance system
Laser target ELS NT 
VMT Guidance System SLS-Microtunnelling LT for 700m
OLC system hardware plus integration into AVND2000AB
Laser VL80 

Tunnel services
Power supply: launch lines container-shaft base panel and circuitbreakers 4x (1x400V and 3 x 960V)
Slurry pipes DN200 L=2.5 m & Victaulic couplings (for 700 tunnel)
Electric cable machine 960v/360kw L=50m 120 mm²
Electric cable tunnel pump P2.1 960v/132kw L=50m 70 mm²
Electric cable tunnel pump P2.1 960v/132kw L=50m 35 mm²
Electric power supply cable 400V to machine L=50m

Main jacking frame & interjack stations
Trust ring, launch rails, adaptor rings, backwall plate for DN2400
Hydraulic cylinders for main jacking station 300 ton stroke 3600 mm
Steelworks intermediate interjack station ø 3000 for 18 cylinders
Included telescopic slurry pipes 2 x DN200 1 m stroke
Hydraulic cylinders intermediate jacking station 65 ton 700 mm stroke
Hydraulic hoses for intermediate jacking stations L=20m

Compressor system Atlas Copco (1xDiesel, 1xElectric) installed into 2 x 20 ft containers fully equipped

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Microtunnelling System AVND2000AB + ext Kit DN2400

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