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Cutting wheels Microtunnelling machines - Cutting wheels for Herrenknecht AVN Microtunnelling machines

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We have available for immediate sale a wide range of cutting wheels for Herrenknecht AVN microtunnelling machines. They were mostly supplied as original from Herrenknecht factory. Below you will fine the listing.  All cutting wheels will be supplied in serviced condition and like new with a 6 months manufacturers error warranty. Currently there are more than 30 wheels in stock, so please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

There are basically 3 types of  microtunnelling cutting wheels dependent on the soil condition: standard soil wheel /  mixed soil wheel up to about UCS 80 Mpa /  Rock cutting wheels can be used from UCS 150  to 450 Mpa dependent on the configuration. In geology UCS stands for Unconfined Compressive Strenght which is often used as a first guide to determine the type of cutting wheel needed. additional and more detailed soil analyses will be required for making the final decision. 

There are cutting wheels for the base diameter microtunnelling machines and also for the extended diameter microtunnelling machine ( listed as AVN*** ext.). The listed OD ( oustide diameters are the approx. wheel cutting diameters ).  If we do not have the required cutting wheel available, we can always offer a new build cutting wheel. For more details please contact us directly. In any case would it be be to contact us for latest updates on available cutting wheels and extension kits for rent and purchase.

Standard soil wheels:

AVN250 OD385 mm/ AVN400 OD570 mm & AVN400 ext. OD670 mm / AVN500 OD670 mm & AVN500 ext. OD780 mm/  AVN600 ext. OD890 mm / AVN700 OD885 mm & AVN700 ext. OD985 mm / AVN800 OD1130 & AVN800 ext. OD1230 mm & AVN800 ext. OD1310 mm/ AVN1000 OD1310 mm/ AVN1600 OD2000 mm & AVN1600 ext OD2200 mm.

Mixed soil wheels:

AVN400 OD 600 mm / AVN600 OD800 mm / AVN700 OD900/ AVN800 OD 1000 mm / AVN1600 OD2010mm & AVN1600 ext OD2220 mm. 

Rock soil wheels:

AVN500 OD690 mm/ AVN700 ext. OD990 mm / AVN1200XC OD 1500 mm / AVN1200T OD1540 mm ( configuration with 10 disc cutters )

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Cutting wheels Microtunnelling machines

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