Bentonite mixing plant IC1100

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Bentonite mixing plant IC1100 - For rent or sale: bentonite system Häny IC1100

For Sale & For Rent

Currently available by Down2earth: 4 sets of Swiss made bentonite system Häny IC1100. Will be supplied in serviced condition, ready to work. Those units can be used for microtunnelling up to DN2500 and also for pipe jacking or auger drilling.

 It consist of a high shear bentonite mixer, an agitator tank, hydraulic power pack and a piston grout pump, all mounted on a compact steel frame. Included are control panel, pressure gauge and remote control ( ON/OFF piston grout pump )


Mixer HCM300                                       Mixing capacity       1 400    l/min

Batch capacity                                                                                 260    l

Mixing capacity Approx.                                                                    5   m³/h

Agitator HRW800                                    Volume                         800   l

Pump ZMP712V                                     Maximum pressure        58   bar

Maximum output                                                                                 63  l/min

Power supply                                          Total installed power     17  kW

Supply voltage                                                                          400 V  50 Hz

Remote control                                       Grout pump             ON/OFF


Length                                                                                          2 050     mm

Width                                                                                            1 950     mm

Height                                                                                           1 780     mm

Weight                                                                                          1 300     kg

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Bentonite mixing plant IC1100

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