Down2Earth realized its largest project since its founding

30 June, 2020
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Our company, Rimon Drilling, enjoyed the co-operation with Down2earth for one of our biggest microtunneling projects in Israel. We are extremely satisfied with the collaboration, professionalism and the quality supplied.

Down2earth provided our company with a full range of support such as equipment supply, after sales and specialized jobsite personnel.

Another positive point was the good work atmosphere and the respectful personal contact between both teams.

The project was successfully achieved and I’m looking forward to continuing our prosperous relationship in the years to come as it shows to be a perfect win-win partnership in the microtunneling business.





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Down2earth delivered a full system (mainly from the brand Herrenknecht) with new, serviced and overhauled equipment.

The full package, AVND2000AB with extension kit OD3025mm and rock cutting wheel, was equipped for 480 meters of tunnel.

Composition :

  • MicrotunnelingTunnelling Machine AVND2000AB (overhauled)
  • Extension kit Machine AVND2000AB OD2525 mm to OD3025mm (serviced)
  • Rock ground cutting wheel OD3100 mm (new)
  • Control Container - C40 (serviced)
  • Standard telescopic jacking frame (new)
  • Slurry Circuit (new and serviced)
  • Bentonite lubrication system (new and serviced)
  • Power supply tunnel (new and serviced)
  • Guidance system and data transmission (serviced)
  • Interjack Stations (new)
  • Separation plant 400 m3/h (new)

It was the largest project realized by Down2earth since its founding in 2008.

The first factory acceptance test was performed 3 months after signing the contract.

Our experienced people went to the jobsite to assist during the commissioning phase and gave all support to reach the deadline of the project.

Together with our client, we succeeded in this great and challenging project.
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