Microtunneling Working

Microtunnelling operations require launch and reception shafts at opposite ends of each drive.

Straight or curved shafts via guidance systems

A microtunnel boring machine (MTBM) is advanced forward by hydraulic jacks mounted within the launch shaft. Pipes are lowered into the launch shaft and inserted between the jacking frame and the MTBM or the previous pipe and driven until the reception shaft is reached. Most microtunnelling drives are straight between shafts, although in recent years various companies have developed guidance systems that enable curved drives to be completed, particularly on longer length, larger diameter bores.

The fundamental components to a microtunnelling operation include:

  1. Launch and Reception Shafts
  2. Boring Machines
  3. Control Station
  4. Slurry system
  5. Microtunneling Pipes
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