Launch & Reception

The launch shaft is the epicenter of any microtunnelling project. It contains the pipe jacking system which supports the MTBM, slurry system and essential components such as power supply, sensors and lasers. The reception shaft is at the opposite end of the launch shaft.

Ground conditions

Ground conditions, along with method of excavation, will be the predominant considerations when determining the dimensions and construction type of the launch shaft.  Ground and water management methods may be required before the shaft can be constructed.

A thrust block must be constructed to provide a solid, stable surface against which to jack. The requirements for the jacking frame on any project are determined by the ground conditions, length of drive and the type of MTBM being used. Pipe jacking systems are designed to provide the level of jacking pressure likely to be required by the drive.

Specially designed tunneling pipes

The pipes, which are specially designed to withstand the jacking forces likely to be encountered during installation, form the final pipeline once the excavation operation is completed. The force exerted on the pipe being jacked must be distributed equally over its circumference. To achieve this, a thrust ring is used, along with hydraulically connected jacks emitting equal force.

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