What is?

Microtunnelling is a trenchless, remotely controlled, steerable, pipe jacking technique for installing underground pipelines from a 150mm diameter upwards.

A wide variety op applications

Microtunnelling can be used to install pipelines beneath obstacles such as highways, rivers, railways, canals, buildings and environmentally sensitive areas. With the use of laser guided systems to maintain the line and level of the installation, along with normal surveying techniques, microtunnelling can be utilised to navigate the strictest of parameters.  

The most critical factor in any microtunnelling project is the geology.

Extensive ground investigation

Extensive ground investigation should be carried out to determine the soil characteristics along the proposed alignment. Modern technology has enabled this method to be applied to a wide range of ground conditions from solid rocks, waterlogged sands and gravels through to soft, stiff, dry or waterlogged clays and mudstones.

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