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Mr. Robert Willems, born on October, the 12th 1965 in Tongeren (Belgium), was employed in our company from May, the 1st 1997 onwards until April, the 30th 2008.

Herrenknecht AG employed Mr. Willems as a Sales-and Project Manager in the Business Unit Utility Tunnelling (BU UT). At this time the scope of his tasks and responsibilities was mainly the following:

  • Worldwide sales of our tunnelling equipment plus all kinds of services related to the business, which also included the preparation of offers
  • Customer support : clarification of technical complex matters, and Key contact person for the client in case of any further technical questions

Based on his excellent performances Mr. Willems was promoted from March, the 1st 2003 onwards to be Area Manager of the Sales areas of Western Europe, North- and South-America, Africa and the Middle-East. Simultaneously he took over the personnel responsibility of the respective sales managers of those countries. His main tasks in this position were :

  • Involvement in market studies and in the development and the implementation of Sales- and Product strategies (Markets / Clients / Products) complying with the company strategy
  • Acquisition of new clients as well as additional penetration of existing and future development of new markets
  • Worldwide organisation and participation at exhibitions and symposia
  • Personnel responsibility

As from November, the 1st 2004 the responsibility of the Sales Management for the BU UT was assigned to Mr. Willems. In this function as a Director of Sales., Mr. Willems essentially combined the following professional aspects:

  • Coordination and structuring of the sales department; the office staff as well as the sales force, including the Sales Business in the overseas branches
  • Assessing the qualifications of the sales people
  • Topic specification and agendas for all worldwide sales meetings
  • Initiation of technical innovations for our tunnelling technology and of the further standardisation of our products
  • Organizing client events
  • Presentations and speakers activity at international congresses for the technologies of the BU UT

On April, the 19th 2007 Mr. Willems was given a full power of attorney.

Mr. Willems possesses an in-depth expertise that also expands itself to other fields which he always put into practice in a confident, dilligent and thoughtful way . Mr. Willems has an excellent knowledge of foreign languages which includes German, English, Dutch and French, which he adopted gainfully in his position. Above all his competence to rapidly analyze and comprehend complex matters it has to be emphasized. Consequently he always performed very strongly. Mr. Willems always identified himself with his job as well as with the company and he put aside his personal concerns whenever needed.

He has distinguished himself by means of a continuously autonomous, and very accurate and skilful performance as well as through a very high efficiency. Mr. Willems was convincing by the fact of being able to cope in very demanding working situations and even in case of changing requirements and under the most difficult working conditions he was able to achieve very good working results.

Mr. Willems has always been able to live up, entirely and satisfactory, to the pressure that we put on him constantly.

Ultimately Mr. Willems was heading a team of 30 people which he supervised both technically and disciplined. Mr. Willems adopted a modern kind of leadership based on cooperation and his power to convince his team. He motivated his department in a professional way and guided his personnel towards very good results. He assigned his staff according to their capabilities and personal tendencies and delegated tasks and responsibilities in a targeted and oriented way.

In the realization of very demanding projects Mr. Willems persuaded customers to buy our products by making a good case based on profound arguments. He was open to suggestions with his colleagues but nevertheless he communicated very well showing precise leadership.

His conduct towards superiors, colleagues and personnel was exemplary. By his endearing appearance and his talent to point-out constructive conversations and negotiations. Mr. Willems also represented our company towards Clients and business partners in a very satisfactory manner.

Mr. Willems has decided himself to leave our company in order to become more independent. We very much regret his leaving and would like to thank him for his exemplary performance. We wish him all the luck in the future, both professionally as well as privately and last but not least a lot of success.

Schwanau, 30 april 2008

Signed on 30 April 2008 by Uwe Breig, Director BU UT of Herrenknecht AG and Olaf Strick, Head of Personnel and Legal department of Herrenknecht AG.

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